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Event Information

Please read the below info and then complete the booking form at the bottom of this page. 

Available Spaces for Hire

We have a large function room with a capacity of 110. This room includes a bar, dance floor and toilets. The large function room can also be split into two smaller rooms by a sound proof divider. Each half can hold a maximum of 50 people. We also have a much smaller room known as the snug which holds a maximum of 24 people. All of our rooms are wheelchair accessible. We would advise that you come and see the available spaces prior to booking. Regardless of which room size you choose our prices are £20 per hour during the day or a flat rate of £100 for an evening function. We are a staffed venue and this charge is to cover the required staff for any event. 

Buffet or Meal Options

You can bring your own buffet for evening functions only however if you wish us to do all the hard work for you then you can choose from one of the following options:

£3.50pp - Tea, coffee, diluting juice + biscuits or cakes

£5.50pp - Soup, sausage rolls & sandwiches. If you wish tea, coffee & diluting juice add £1.50pp

£7.50pp - Savoury finger buffet (includes sandwiches with various fillings, hot sausage rolls, hot chicken goujons, mixed pakoras & pizza with various toppings). If you wish tea, coffee & diluting juice add £1.50pp.

£9.50pp - Savoury & sweet finger buffet (includes the above plus a selection of mini cakes & tray bakes). If you wish tea, coffee & diluting juice add £1.50pp. 

£10.00pp - Hot savoury buffet (includes 3 meals, examples include steak pie, chicken dijonnaise & chilli con carne. All hot buffets are served with various vegetables, roast potatoes, rice, salad bowls & crusty bread). You can of course change the 3 options and we can also include a vegetarian/vegan/gluten free choice if required. If you wish tea, coffee & diluting juice add £1.50pp. 

£15.00pp - hot savoury & sweet buffet (includes 3 choices, examples include sticky toffee pudding, chocolate fudge cake & apple crumble. All deserts can be served with custard or ice cream). If you wish tea, coffee & diluting juice add £1.50pp. 

Custom Option - we have a fabulous chef who can arrange a bespoke menu for your event, if you wish a custom menu then please get in touch. 

Please note that the person making the booking is responsible for providing accurate dietary requirements for the group. For any of the above options the number you book for is the minimum number you pay for and payment must be made 2 weeks in advance of your event. 

Evening Functions

Typically we cannot start evening functions any earlier than 7pm on a Saturday or Sunday, this is because our lounge bar is open to the public until 6pm and we require some time to clean & re-arrange furniture. We will endeavor to provide set up time during the day of your event to allow you to decorate, etc however please note that this may not be possible on very busy weekends and the earliest we might be able to provide set up time is 6pm. Set up time options will be communicated to you a fortnight prior to your event. 

Please note that last orders are either 11:30pm with band finishing at midnight or last orders at midnight with the band finishing at 12:30pm. We do not have a later option, please indicate which time you would like to finish. 

We will be as accommodating as possibly in terms of providing space & set up opportunities for most things, i.e. photo booths, decorations, bands, DJs, balloon arches, etc however we will not allow party poppers or confetti cannons, so please do not bring them. We do allow table confetti and balloons with confetti in them however this will incur a £25 surcharge due to the volume of cleaning involved. If you bring these and have not told us in advance you can either pay the £25 on the night or you will be unable to use them. We also do not allow naked flame candles on the tables. 

Other useful information

At this time we do not cater for children's parties, it is over 18 events only. 

Under 18s are allowed if it is a private party, however they must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. If we catch any under 18 drinking then we will ask them and their responsible adult to leave the venue immediately. 

We do not take a security deposit for damages as we expect all users of our venue to behave in a fair and respectful manner, however if we deem any of your guests to be behaving in an unsuitable manner then we will ask them to leave. Should your party become far too rowdy and multiple people or groups of people are behaving badly then we may close your party down, we will give you one chance to address your guests and if you cannot resolve the issue your party will be stopped. Please note that should damage to our property or furniture be sustained from your party then you accept full liability for the cost of any repairs. 

We are happy for people to decorate the room & tables, we just ask that you use blue tack and not sellotape. 

We are happy for you to use candles on your cake but please tell us in advance as our smoke alarm can be a little sensitive. Unfortunately we cannot allow cake sparklers or firework candles. 

If you require a flipchart, paper & pens this is an additional charge of £10. 

Under no circumstances is anyone in your party allowed to bring and consume their own juice or alcohol on our premises. All beverages must be bought from the bar. Please note that if you are receiving gifts in the form of alcohol then that is absolutely okay as long as they are not consumed on our premises. 

Once you submit your booking form we will get back to you with availability, any further questions we have and the invoice (assuming you are happy to go ahead with the booking). Once your invoice has been paid your event will be confirmed. 

Pricing Summary

Small Room (The Snug) - Maximum 24 people - £20 per hour or £100 evening hire

Full Function Room - Maximum 110 people - £20 per hour or £100 evening hire

Half the Function Room - Maximum 50 people - £20 per hour or £100 evening hire.

Use of table confetti and/or confetti balloons - £25 surcharge 

Buffet - Various options with various prices, please see Buffet section.

Flip Chart, paper & pens - £10 surcharge


Event Booking Form

Event Booking Form

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